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Haynes Broadcasting- Supporting Local Business in Cumberland County

Do you own a business? Do you need Marketing? are you in North Carolina? if you find yourself saying yes to all of these questions- then Haynes Broadcasting will advertise your business for free for one year on our website by posting your company logo with a link to your website- then it is $25/ year after the first year.

In comparison to local FM radio stations for a 30 second commercial spot Haynes Broadcasting only charges $150.00 to produce and broadcast your commercials on our radio station. where a FM station would charge you $600.00 to only air your ad 6 times only. with Haynes Broadcasting you get advertising for the whole year for your $150.00 so ask yourself would your rather be on a FM station paying 600 or with us here at Haynes Broadcasting for 150-

contact a Representative today 910-501-7895- Let us Give you access to 30.3 Million people world wide.

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