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Next Level Pro Wrestling returning to the Dunn PAL center. November 18, 2023-

Next Level Pro Wrestling- based in Fayetteville NC, is home for many local talents to show case their skill and dedication to the profession.

The 2-6 Wrestling Academy has trained most of Next Level Pro Wrestling's roster and has brought in many legends from WWE such as famous Referee "Earl William HEBNER" and many more to share their insights of the wrestling industry. The talent of the locker room of Next Level Pro Wrestling is just amazing. if you want to catch a full day of Wrestling, The Dunn PAL CENTER is located at 610 E Johnson Street. Dunn North Carolina. Doors open at 6pm first match is set to begin at 7:15 pm its going to be a full action packed night.

Haynes Broadcasting- That News! Fayetteville and That Show! Fayetteville will be covering all of the events of the night.

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