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The Eno River Media's North Carolina Film Festival. Success

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

July 29th 2023- The New Bern Civic Theater Hosted Eno river Media and the North Carolina Film Festival and it was a huge Success- Haynes Broadcasting was invited to be a part of it to interview The Film makers, and Board of Directors of Eno River Media. This is a Annual Film Festival stated the President Justin YATES, and it has been getting bigger and bigger.

Photos By Noah Rewis- Chief Executive Producer @Haynes Broadcasting.

The Film Festival showcased 19 films for viewing what turned out to be a all day event from 10am to 10pm. a award winning filmmaker was created by the end of the festival. below is a gallery of our experience interviewing film industry professionals- visit Thanks to Anthony Dowling for inviting us.

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