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What’s Truly Wrong with this world! Truth or Opinion?


In my 37 years of life here on this earth, I have found myself observing, things asking myself seven questions- Who what when why how, purpose! Some of you reading this may agree or disagree. But this is what is wrong with this earth. The following is a series of statements and videos:


Think about this! Money Is never spent- but we are always struggling to live, Why? Is it because of greed? The three stooges outline this perfectly

Listing out all of the problems of the world would be an extensive task since they range from the following:

1. Poverty (which is an illusion of money) can be corrected if people take control of their lives.

2. Inequality (which is a lie and an illusion of Greed) god was absolute when he created the heavens and the earth!  Day is day and night is night and it is equal.  Love cannot exist without hate! They go hand and hand. Male & Female, Up & Down- humans lie to themselves by saying there is not equality- which typically comes from tensions from those who created division- Honestly there is no such thing as a race, white black Hispanic – there was no such thing as race until 1790 – it was just humans not all of this division – if you experience inequality then you are seeing the illusion and not the reality.

3. Conflict.  We all have conflict if we as humans fall into any sin! Sins like of wanting power and control over others, and when someone exerts power there will always be conflict- this is also an illusion- only true control is the god who put us here and the devil who told us the lies above. Conflicts can not take place if you don’t let your perception deceive you.

4. Environment degradation-good things come from good works- same with the lands, land that are barren are barren because no one has done the work make them not- nice things comes from work- example we have nice houses because we do the work to build them.  We have nice cars and the convenience of them because we have done the work to have them. – for those in the world who read this if your country does not have nice things its because of one or two things! One someone has made you a victim and has not taught you, how to work to keep. They have not taught you because they want power and control and they use that sin to enslaved you. The lack of education as a resource.

5. Disease – there is no disease that can not be cured, if there is one its because someone has not done the work to cure it. If Jesus can heal men and women- then by our works we can to. That’s what god showed us. Our good works has good results. When We work doing the things we love we don’t work a day in our lives but when we fail to work on ourselves, work on our medical, mental, and physical attributes this is where disease happens for the lack or care of. Works

6. Political instability- as stated before this is a result of sin- the desire of power and control. A illusion.

Here is some more videos on stuff that we believe.

Terrence Howard- is genius

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